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Healing your mind using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and NLP

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Mind Reboot

Through solution focused therapy and neuro linguistically programming (NLP) we offer a ‘Mind Reboot’ program. 

This designed for people who are stuck in a rut, or struggling

with extreme stress or anxiety that is stopping them from

moving forward. We will take you through a powerful system

that is designed to clear all of your traumas, anxiety patterns, emotional triggers and limiting beliefs. it is subtractive therapy,

as it permanently removes all the unhelpful patterns and beliefs

that were formed in your early life. One of the biggest advantages

of this approach is that you don’t need to disclose any details

about what happened to you. The process can be done content free,

and it will be just as effective. In fact talking about a traumatic incident in detail is counter productive, as it will often trigger

the fight or flight response. By the end of the program you will

discover who you really are without all of your emotional baggage –

the very best version of yourself!

No matter how difficult your past has been, or how lost you

might feel, this program can work for you. But you have to be

at threshold - ready to fully engage, and do what it takes to

re-take control of your life. We will act as your personal trainers

for your mental health. We will guide you through a tailored

process with our knowledge and experience, but you are the

one who will be healing yourself.

Once the Mind Reboot is complete we can then look at any

other issues you may need help with such as phobias, weight

or pain management.   At this point your mind is clearer

so we are almost there as you will understand why you

are doing what you’re doing.  

 If you are committed, and follow the steps of the process 

you will get the results you want. 

The question is - are you ready to change?


Neuro Linguistic

NLP is a powerful modality that was first created in the 1970s

to get better results in communication, personal development,

and psychotherapy.

Neuro – refers to our neurological system.

How we interpret and interact with ourselves and the world

using our conscious and unconscious mind.

Linguistic – represents the language patterns that we use

to communicate - both verbal and non-verbal. 

Programming – focuses on the internal programs that we

as human beings are constantly running to function in the world.


Through NLP we can update or change these habitual programs

so that we can achieve more desirable outcomes in our daily lives.

By studying the human mind, and understanding the thinking and

behaviour of successful people, we can create models and

techniques that can help everyone to overcome their

fears/limitations and maximise their potential.

Eyes Closed

Conditions that we can help

you to overcome:

Anxiety/Panic attacks




Bad Habits/Addictions.



Sleep Deprivation.

Pain Management.

Weight Management


Hypnosis is simply a state of focused attention (a learning state).

We are in these deeper levels of consciousness many times a day.

For example, when we are driving, watching television, or exercising...

This is when the two parts of your mind (the conscious and unconscious)

are focusing on the same thing, and when a person is in this state

they are more receptive to suggestions. 

In a therapeutic setting, the practitioner will use hypnosis to help

the client to overcome a range of conditions by speaking directly to

the unconscious mind, and introducing these positive suggestions.

This is a highly effective process and will quickly help to change

unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns.

The myths about hypnosis:
Despite what you may have seen or read about hypnosis,

it isn’t a way of controlling someone’s mind,

and no one can be made to do anything they don’t want to do.

Your mind is a survival mechanism, and it will reject any

suggestion or command that isn’t right for you.

What does Hypnosis feel like?
The experience is very relaxing and is similar to daydreaming.

The client will still have awareness throughout the process,

and will leave the session feeling refreshed and positive.


How we can help...

The Benefits of Counselling

How can we help?

Perhaps you are looking to change an old habit into something

that serves you better, resolve some issues from the past

that are pulling you back, or give some of your natural abilities

a bit of a boost, hypnotherapy could well be the answer

you are looking for.

Why not make Today THE day that you take the first step

to becoming the best version of you.  



If you're unsure whether hypnotherapy is right for you,

why not take advantage of our free consultation

where we will walk you through what to expect.

All appointments are on a One to One basis.

Our mission as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists is to work

with you to get you feeling great and back in control.


We do not delve into your painful past issues instead it encourages

you to move forward in life whatever that means to you,

and if you're not sure where you want to be

we can work that out too.

The sessions are non judgmental and relaxed

and contain lots of information to help you on your journey.


Anxiety, & Stress

Depression, stress, and anxiety are some of

the most common and damaging struggles

many people face in busy modern life.

Anxiety is often the cause of a lot of other illnesses

such as migraines, IBS, OCD, fertility issues to name a few.


Through the natural and calming experience

of hypnotherapy you can feel better mentally and physically.

Psychology Session

Pain Management

There are two different types of pain - acute and chronic pain.

Acute pain (also referred to as short-term pain) is usually

a result of an accident or temporary illness. Chronic,

or long-term pain is often more complicated.

The pain may be a result of a medical condition,

or there may not be any obvious cause.

This doesn't mean the pain isn't real, it just makes

treatment that much more complex.


We can help you overcome your pain

using your subconscious mind

Weight Management

Stress and anxiety are the 2 main causes of binge eating.


We will give you the tools to understand

and work with the reasons you are struggling

to manage your weight.

On the Scales

I Highly recommend Bal, I’ve struggled for many years

with confidence & anxiety issues. Spending time with Bal

and going through this therapy has made a massive

transformation in my life.


If you feel your struggling day to day or with past experiences

with Bal’s experience, her calm & supportive nature then this method

of therapy will change your mindset.

Honestly feel a different person.

Clare Barnes


Meet our Therapists


Bal Pardesi

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist I’m Bal and I’m a fully insured, qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Mind Reboot Facilitator. I have unfortunately or fortunately dealt with many obstacles over the years… Born a 2nd generation, North Indian female, with 5 elder siblings, life was challenging enough with the blend of cultures. When my parents decided that they were going to spend their time between the 2 continents and leave me to be raised by my eldest brother, who also had children the same age as me, well that was altogether a mind-blowing confusion of generational differences and some ‘interesting’ experiences. It left me trying to understand the world and my place within it, so much so that I have been intrigued by people and their back stories. I also needed to heal and understand myself and so after trying various forms of therapy, I stumbled across Hypnotherapy when I was facing a major health scare. To walk into an Orthodontic surgery alone and be told that your scan showed a brain tumour was a life changing moment. I was overwhelmed, and my emotions were out of control. Where do you go? What’s next? Will I survive? So, I went home and crumbled and did nothing for a week because denial would mean that the problem goes away, right? WRONG. I unburdened, I unpacked and dealt with it, with the never-ending love and help of my family, close friends, and an amazing therapist. This was a revelation, a transformational pinnacle moment, for which I am so grateful. I came out the other end totally hooked on Hypnotherapy, so much so that I knew this was the career for me. Further down the line I also took up NLP. The two together go hand in hand and create effective and permanent changes in a relatively short space of time. The power and potential of our state of mind is extraordinary, it is fascinating how we can tap into these skills to let go of negative noise. I have learnt over time, that we all have the ability to manifest the lives we desire and the life we actually want to live in, if we are open and ready to evolve. I love to help all those who feel lost: teens, wild twenty somethings, midlife unease, parental blues, and anyone stuck in a loop.
Each individual has their own story, and I can support you through yours. I have always been fascinated with the mind and body connection, along with a compassionate and curious nature and a desire to help others. There is no better feeling! It is important getting to know the client, looking at lifestyle, diet, nutrition, stress levels and other areas of your life that may be relevant.
Listening with empathy and understanding is first and foremost, so that I can then use my expertise to help you through the challenging points in your life.


Barbara Thandi

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Hi, I’m Barbara, When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it’s not uncommon for their lives to unravel, as did mine. I was having highs and lows but was too busy to get help. Truth of the matter was, I believed I would be seen as weak! Growing up as a woman in a strict Indian household, showing any signs of vulnerability was seen as a weakness, and was frowned upon; this was ingrained in me through my culture since I was a young child. So, the darker the day, the brighter the lipstick! What did I do with the emotional burdens I could no longer carry? Of course, I buried them like most of us do, until one day my life was turned upside down and all the buried stuff resurfaced with a vengeance... So much so that I no longer saw the sun even on the brightest of days. I isolated myself from family and friends and turned to alcohol and partying. I eventually realised I was losing everything that was precious to me, so I tried various types of therapy and counselling, nothing made a difference. Everything I tried seemed to be raking up old wounds rather than healing them. This was until I discovered solution focused hypnotherapy. I felt this was different to anything I'd tried before because it focuses on looking towards the future to help you overcome your past - and there was no need to bring up old wounds. And so, my journey began. My great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through traumatic or stressful experiences. I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I have trained in many Modalities. I gained my Diploma from the prestigious CPHT, qualifying as a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in 2019. My desire to help my clients just grew, and the hunger to learn more, led me to train with Matthew Bartlett to become an NLP practitioner, and James Banfield’s Mind reboot facilitator. With all of these modalities, continued learning on a weekly basis and supervision, I can keep up with the latest techniques, which aids my clients to achieve their desired outcomes very quickly. I am a member of the AfSFH. NCH and Welldoing registers. I am fully DBS checked. I work with clients online or from my cosy therapy room in Teynham Kent. Call on 07956564497 or email To book your FREE initial consultation

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